All Saints Catholic Church Lanchester Durham
Parish Profile  

Our Liturgy, Eucharistic, sacramental and non-Eucharistic, is not mere ritual, but is alive and leads to active Worship of God. It provides, in a balanced way, opportunities for praise and adoration, listening and communicating, reverence and liveliness, nourishment and challenge, so that the experience is holy, prayerful, dignified, uplifting and inspiring. It reflects aspects of our Catholic tradition, while being open to the treasures of the present and the future.

Our Liturgy and Worship aims to be inclusive; it is offered in a variety of styles and settings, so that all levels of faith, varieties of cultural backgrounds and ages can be involved, thereby encouraging a positive, spiritual response. Growing from this we hope to build up the Kingdom of God as a Lanchester community of friendship, love, social conscience and compassion.

We have a developing structure enabling the laity to take the lead in celebrating the faith of the parish, in order that the worship of God and its liturgical expression might flourish.