All Saints and St Terera's Catholic Churches Lanchester and Annfield Plain
Notice Board  

"God will not look you over for medals, degrees or diplomas, but for Scars"

Notice Board:

Today is Vocations Sunday:

We are asked to pray for vocations to the Priesthood,Permanent Diaconate & Consecrated Life.


Confirmation Programme:

Our confirmation candidates began their preparation programme for confirmation on Thursday evening.

They will celebrate a special Rite of Enrolment at Mass today 4.15 Vigil at St. Teresa's and at 9.30am at

All Saints.

Bishop Seamus will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Joseph's Stanley on the 6th June

at 7pm. for all the young people of the Pontop Partnership who are currently in Year 9 ( or older ) in

St. Bede's School or any Secondary School in the Area.

It is essential that all candidates, parents/carers attend one of these meetings.

Candidates will meet with their catechists from 3.30pm - 4.30pm. at St Bede's School on Thursday.

The 9.30am Mass next Sunday will be a special Mass of Enrolement for our candidates, their

parents and catechists as we prepare to support our young people to make their commitment.


Celebration of Marriage:

Bishop Seamus will celebrate Mass in St. Mary's Cathedral on Saturday 5th May at 11.00pm.

to give thanks for the Sacrament of Marriage. He has invited each parish community to be

represented by at least two couples,young or old, newly married or celebrating a significant

anniversary. In addition, everyone is welcome to attend. This promises to be a wonderful

celebration and will provide affirmation and support for Marriage across the Diocese and

to the wider North East community.


Youth Services:

Youth Ministry Conference 2018. Practical Steps for Parishes and Parthnerships on Saturday

12th May at St. Joseph's Catholic Academy, Hebburn, 10-30am - 3.45pm. Booking forms are

at the back of church. Conference fee £10. If anybody intends going to this conference please

complete a form and reurn it to the Parish Office. The parish will pay the conference fee.

Diocesan Festival 2018: The Sixth Diocesan Festival will take place at Emmuas Youth Village

on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th June. Booking forms for this event are also available from

the back of church. Please take a form & return it to Diocesan Festival Bookings, Emmaus

Youth Village before Saturday 26th May.


Adoremus Congress: ( Saturday 8th September 2018).

In preparation for this Congress two days of Reflection on the Eucharist have been arranged

for 19th May 2018 at Ushaw College or 2nd June at St. Joseph's Parish Hall Gateshead.

These days are open to everybody. Booking forms are available at the back of church.

Please sign up for one of these days.


Partnership Development:

On Tuesday 24th April at 6.30pm in St. Joseph's Church, Stanley, Kathryn Turner will be facilitating

an open meeting - an - evening to reflect on developing a Prayer and Spirituality Network in the

Partnership. with a view to creating a network within our partnership to enable courses and events

to happen. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Kathryn Turner will host a Partnership Day of Recollection from 11.00am - 2.30pm. on Saturday

9th June at St. Joseph's church Stanley. More details nearer the time. There will be no charge

( please bring a packed lunch ). Kathryn and the Spirituality Team will also be running a short

course in the Autumn for those who would like to be involved in the Ministry of Bereavement

and Consolation.


First Aider:

Needed to be the named person for the parish. Hopefully we will be able to assemble a small

team to support this provision. Training and certification will be arranged if necessary.

Please contact Alan Kelly or parish office.

Signing for the Deaf:

Is part of the Diocesan inclusion policy so we are appealing foe a parishioner who might

be qualified to offer this. Contact Alan Kelly or the parish office.

Use of Fire Extinguishers:

As part of our Health & Safety standards Alan Kelly is offering a demonstration of the use of

2 types of extinguisher after Sunday Mass 29th April. All parishioners are invited.


Embroidered Red Ties, Cards & Gifts for First Holy Communion:

A small selection will be on sale from this Sunday until May 19th. Plaese pay M. Quigley.


Canned Fish & Coffee Collection & Food Bank:

In Lanchester is for Asylum Seekers. It is collected on 1st Sunday of each month ( next week )

and a reminder should be on the newsletter. If you attend Annfield Plain you could put it in their

Food Bank Collection which is usually in the porch if you are unable to get to Lanchester.

The Food Bank wil struggle over the school holidays to provide provisions for those in need

of support within our community.



Join the S.V.P. Give some of your time to help others!

SVP meeting very Tueday at 6.15pm. in the Parish Centre.

New members most welcome


Offertory Envelopes: Gift Aid tax rules:

Envelopes for the year commencing in April 2018 are ready for collection at the back of both churches.

The eligibility for gift aid tax reclamation has changed from April 2018. Generally taxable income in excess

of £11,850, is eligible, however please note that the first £1,000 of interest from banks, building societies

etc, will be exempt for basic rate taxpayers, as will the first £2,000 of dividend income, it will therefore

be possible for an individual to be in receipt of over £14,850 of income without paying any income tax.

We therefore ask parishioners who have signed Gift Aid declarations to check that they are paying

sufficient tax to cover the amount reclaimed from HMRC in relation to their donations.

Please take your box today. If you have changed your address or your circumstances have changed

( you no longer pay tax ) please inform Catherine Taylor ( St. Teresa's ) or Martin Matthews All Saints.

Or phone the parish office Tel: 01207 520 374


Children's Liturgy of the World:

Each Sunday in term time. Parents please bring your child along for the KS1 & KS2 to experience

the Word of God at their level. Meet in church for 9.30am.


Coffee morning after Sunday's Mass:

This is a wonderful way to get to know and socialise with your fellow parishioners. Proceeds this

week go to the upkeep of the Parish Centre.


St. Teresa's: Annfield Plain:

The Rosary:

Is recited every Wednesday morning following Mass. Refreshments are available afterwards.

11th November 2018:Marks the centenary of the end of WW1.

St. Teresa's are considering how we can show that we remember the sacrifice of our ancestors,

anyone who attends St. Teresa's and would like to be involved are welcome to put their names

on a list at the back of church. If you have a grandparent or great grandparent to remember

there will be an opportunity to include their names.

Car Parking!

It is unfortunate that there is insufficient space in St. Teresa's car park for all the members of the

congregation to park their cars. If you are unable to access the car park we ask you to bear in

mind the needs of those living nearby.


Monday Club:

Next Monday Club Monday 23 April.

We would welcome some more drivers and helpers.The commitment is about once every 6 weeks term


Please think of inviting a neighbour who would appreciate a good night out! Lifts provided.

For more information : please contact Kate Edwards Tel: 01207 521 735 or text 07507816036

or email


Sick List:

Caring or praying for the sick and housebound is a most important mission of every parish.

The general prayer "For the Sick" at every Mass we celebrate is great but it would be more

personal to pray for the sick by name ( especially those who are very sick ). Would our

Extraordinary Ministers who take Holy Communion to the sick give names of the sick to

be included in the newsletter every weekend. Please make sure you have the consent

of the sick person.


Unable to get to church to light a candle? Light one at the Grotto in Lourdes:


The Lourdes Sanctuary offers you the possibility by internet of leaving and lighting a candle

at the Lourdes Grotto. In return for your offering, the Sanctuary will place and light your candle

at the Grotto, in a candle stand set aside for this purpose. The Sanctuary commits itself to

honour your request within 24 hours. You can link it with a prayer intenion.

light a candle


A letter from Bishop Seamus, Safeguard the future of Catholic education:

comcerning Catholic Schools and the Goverment proposal to overturn the 50% admission

cap which prevents Catholic schools from allowing all Catholic pupils to attend is available

from the back of church today. Please take a copy of the letter and sign the letter below.

Are you a Catholic who wants to send your child to a Catholic school?

Do you support the right of Catholic parents/guardians to choose a Catholic education for

their child or children?

Do you want to safeguard the future of Catholic education in England?

If the answer's yes to any of these questions, we urgently need your HELP:

Take Action NOW! Sign here

Northern Cross now on line ( see our links page) Now on sale £1 at back of church.


See Diocsan web link on front page to read the March eNewsletter.

Ushaw College 2018:


This year celebrates 450 years since the foundation of the Douai / Ushaw seminary.

Watch out for the many celebrations, lectures and concerts that are planned.

Or take a tour of the wonderful chapels any Wednesday to Saturday afternoon.

Cafe, Shop and Museum. Open Wednesday to Saturday 11.00am to 5.00pm.

Main House and chapels. Open Wednesday to Saturday 1.00pm to 5.00pm.

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War Memorial All Saints Catholic Church:

Photo from Church Calendar 2017

Awarded Listed Building Status.

The memorial is now at Grade II.



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